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  • Start From Here
  • Order of Apps Study
  • 11i Software
  • Apps Architecture
  • Install Apps 11i
  • Install Apps 11i Part II
  • Startup/Shutdown
  • Request Flow in Apps
  • Various TOP's
  • Cloning Basics
  • Cloning I
  • Cloning II
  • Autoconfig Basics
  • Autoconfig Config File
  • Template Files in Autoconfig
  • Discoverer Overview
  • Workflow Mailer in Apps
  • Printing Overview
  • Configuring Printers
  • Pasta Printing
  • Performance Overview
  • Install 10g Application Server
  • Apps DBA Certification
  • Common DBA Topics
  • Scared of RAC ?
  • Install RAC on your laptop part I
  • Step by Step build RAC part II
  • Step by Step install RAC using VMWare part III
  • Install Oracle RAC Database part IV
  • oraInventory Basics
  • Install Database
  • Upgarde DB to
  • Fusion
  • Is Fusion a conFusion ?
  • Fusion Middleware Overview I
  • Fusion Middleware Overview II
  • Application Integration Architecture
  • SOA Install Part I
  • SOA Install Part II
  • SOA Install Part III
  • Install BPEL Process Manager
  • Apps Integration OID/SSO
  • Management Qs for Apps Integration with SSO/OID
  • 25 things your DBA should know for Apps/SSO integration
  • Identity Management
  • COREid Overview
  • Oracle COREid or Idm & Access Mgmt overview
  • Installing Access Manager 10.1.4
  • WebGate request flow
  • Identity Manager Architecture
  • Installing Identity Manager
  • OAS-SSO Overview
  • OID Overview
  • OID Basics II
  • OID Cluster
  • OID Integration with Other LDAP Servers overview
  • Integrate OID with AD I
  • OID Replication Overview
  • Multi Master OID Replication
  • Migrate OID/SSO to new Host
  • Apps R 12
  • Socket or Servlet in R12
  • Startup/Shutdown Scripts in R12
  • Unified APPL_TOP
  • Apps R 12.0.1
  • Difference between 11i & R12 Technical
  • Prepare for R12 Installation
  • Install VMWare on Windows for Linux Install
  • Install Linux for Apps R12 Install
  • Install Apps R12 on Linux Virtual Machine
  • R12 Upgrade & database
  • R12 Fils System Changes
  • R12 Release Date
  • 10g Application Server
  • 10g AS Overview
  • Installing 10g AS
  • Start/Stop 10g AS
  • Web Cache Basics
  • Single Sign-On Overview
  • OID Overview
  • Cloning 10g AS
  • 10g AS Middle tier Cloning & Overview
  • OID Cluster Imp. Points
  • CPU Patch, Infra Tier
  • CPU Patch, Middle Tier
  • AS Guard / DR Overview
  • Oracle Apps 11i
  • My Site
  • Apps DBA Scripts
  • Apps DBA Interview Q's
  • 11i JVM's
  • Apps Training in India
  • 11i Health Check
  • Good Metalink Notes
  • About Me  
  • For Advanced Apps DBA
  • URL Firewall in DMZ Setup
  • Upgrade Apps to
  • Load Balancer Overview
  • Load Balancer Config
  • HTTP layer Load balancing in Apps 11i
  • Dataguard Overview
  • Configure Dataguard / Standby database
  • Standby Site for Apps 11i
  • How to change Hostname on Apps Instance
  • SSL Overview in Apps
  • Configure SSL to Web Server
  • Key Points for SSL in Apps
  • Reduce Patch Timing
  • Reduce Patch Timing II
  • Shared APPL_TOP Overview
  • Configure Shared APPL_TOP
  • 11i Database Upgrade I
  • 11i Database Upgrade II
  • Change Session TimeOut
  • Patching
  • Apps Patch Basics
  • Apps Patch Basics II
  • Apply Apps Patch
  • CPU Overview
  • Steps to Apply CPU Patch
  • CPU Patch on Infra Tier
  • CPU Patch on AS Middle Tier
  • Troubleshooting
  • Web Server TS Part I
  • Web Server TS Part II
  • CM Troubleshooting
  • 10g Discoverer with Apps
  • Discoverer Bascis in Apps
  • Discoverer 10g Upgarde Basics
  • Discoverer 10g Configuration Steps with 11i
  • Collaboration Suite
  • Collaboration Suite
  • Calendar Overview
  • Sync Calendar from Mobile I
  • Sync Calendar from Mobile II
  • OCS Mail Architecture
  • Apex / HTMLDB
  • Install Apex 2.2
  • Apex with SSO part I
  • Apex with SSO part II
  • SSO Authentication Schemes
  • Certification
  • Possible Certifications for DBA
  • Apps DBA Certification
  • 1Z0-311-OCA-10g OAS Overview
  • 1z0-312-OCP-10g OAS Overview
  • 1z0-312 - Managing Customization and Topology
  • 1z0-312 - Cloning and Staging OAS
  • Apps DBA Jobs
  • Working / Apps DBA in UK
  • Oracle Recruiting Apps DBA's
  • Apps DBA Jobs Updated Regularly
  • Apps Job at Satyam
  • Useful Links
  • Good Metalink Notes
  • petefinnigan's Oracle Security
  • Linux Basics
  • Atul Mehta's Oracle Links
  • Others
  • Apps DBA Training Institute
  • 1 Year Journey of this Blog
  • How To ?
  • Change APPS Password
  • Preserve Customizations
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  • OBIEE - Step by Step Installation

  • Oracle Apps Release 12.1 , Guess official release date ?

  • How to generate FRD trace

  • Apps 11i/R12/12i Registration/Deregistration with OID/SSO : internals

  • Clustering Oracle Business Intelligence , BI Server, Presentation Services, Plug-In, Scheduler & Javahost

  • Oracle Release/Version Number for Apps/ Forms/ Jinitiator/ OID/ SSO/ Portal/ iAS/ OC4J/ Unix/ xxxx ….

  • My Book “Oracle Applications DBA” released worldwide

  • Node / Responsibility Trust Level in Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite 11i/R12)

  • Cluster Architecture : Oracle WebLogic Server

  • Deploy Application on Oracle WebLogic Server

  • Online Oracle Apps DBA 11i Training

  • Oracle Adaptive Access Manager - Strong Authentication Overview

  • E-Business Suite (Apps) 11i Integration with 10g Application Server OID/SSO/Portal - Training
  • Oracle WebLogic

  • Oracle WebLogic Server 10g R3 10.3 is out now
  • Oracle WebLogic Server - Startup/Shutdown
  • Create Domain in Oracle WebLogic
  • Oracle WebLogic Installation Steps
  • Domain , Administration & Managed Server, Cluster in Oracle WebLogic

  • Oracle Governance and Risk Compliance (GRC) Manager installation Overview

  • Workflow Notification Mailer Configuration using Autoconfig for Outbound Processing

  • Continuation of my last post Migrating to AutoConfig on the Database Tier

  • continuation of last post upgradation from to in E-Business Suit


  • Oracle Launches Oracle Access Management Suite

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware : BEA WebLogic or Oracle Application Server

  • Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer Outbound Processing

  • How to Change / Reset ias_admin Password

  • Upgrade Oracle Apps 11i to R12/12i (12.0.4) - Key Points

  • How to check Corruption in Database Using DBVERIFY

  • Install Oracle Apps R12/12i on Windows

  • Oracle Apps DBA 11i Training starting from 26th July 2008

  • Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP)multi node implementation

  • 1Z0-233 : Oracle Apps DBA Certification Questions

  • Sharing File System between SunOS Servers

  • How to Change Apps Password in 11i, if you forget ?

  • Application Server Disaster Recovery Solution : AS Guard - Things You should Know

  • Introduction to Zones : Solaris 10

  • Troubleshooting/Tuning Slow Form in Apps 11i

  • Datapump-2

  • Online 10g R2 Application Server Training for DBA’s / Administrators

  • Database Listener Hangs Intermittently

  • User created in Apps 11i/R12/12i not sync to OID

  • How to find PID listening particular Port on Linux/Solaris 10

  • Datapump in Oracle

  • Change/Reset OC4JADMIN Password

  • Oracle Apps Dba 11i Training starting from 21st June,2008

  • Unix/Linux Introduction

  • Good Metalink Notes or Documentation on Apps 11i/R12/12i Patching

  • Install VMware on LINUX & Windows Server 2000 as Virtual Machine

  • Configure 10.1.3.X OC4J to access from 10.1.2.X Web Server

  • Configure Oracle Data Guard Part II

  • SSO : How to deal with “Your Account is Locked”

  • Cloning : OAM System Name pointing to Source Instance

  • Change “hosts” file in Windows Vista

  • Oracle Content Server (UCM) installation overview

  • Unix/Linux Administration for Oracle DBA’s

  • Oracle Apps DBA Online Training

  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g Tech. Preview 4

  • Configure/Deploy Oracle Role Manager with JBOSS

  • Oracle Apps (E-Business Suite) DBA Interview Questions

  • Install Oracle Role Manager ORM on Windows Vista

  • Oracle Metalink : Face lift : http//

  • Changing Hostname/Domain/IP of Oracle Application Server

  • Oracle Universal Content Management Architecture

  • Install Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 7.0.4 on Linux

  • Install JBoss : Open Source J2EE Server

  • Migrate Users to/from OID and Oracle Apps 11i/R12

  • Start/Stop Oracle Apps Instance. Is it that simple !!!!!!!!!!

  • Oracle Role Manager : Installation Overview

  • IPTABLES : Linux based firewall

  • Back to Basics of Cloning!!!!

  • iAS, SOA, Fusion Middleware Difference

  • OIDADMIN Client

  • Oracle Access Manager (Oblix COREid) Upgrade

  • Upgrade Oracle Internet Directory/IdM Suite to

  • Linux for beginners

  • Upgrade Oracle Applications to 12.0.4

  • Oracle Applications 11i Hot Backup Cloning with Rapid Clone

  • Change Data Capture - Oracle CDC

  • Notes/Docs to integrate Apps 11i with 10g AS Portal/OID/SSO

  • Errors in Alert Log File of Instances

  • Hello World in BPEL !!!!

  • Deploying BPEL Suitcase

  • Compilation & Deployment of BPEL Process

  • BPEL Admin/Control Console

  • Oracle Software on Linux : Download (11i/R12/12i)

  • OID Quesries/ Scripts FAQ

  • Oracle Application Server Service Registry : Installation

  • Tablespace and Datafiles in Oracle Database : Back to Basics

  • Cloning in Oracle Apps 11i

  • Interview Questions For Freshers(0-6 months) Oracle Apps DBA 11i/R12/12i

  • Oracle Identity Manager 9.1 released

  • Oracle Apps 11i DBA Training

  • Blocks , Extents, Segments in Oracle Database : Back to Basics

  • Oracle Data Mining and Oracle SOA Suite Job

  • Autoconfig in Oracle Apps 11i / R12 / 12i

  • Enterprise Manager - iAS Console : Changes in 10.1.3

  • ORADEBUG - Oracle Utility

  • Oracle PATCHING : adpatch , Maintenance Mode

  • Performance - Transfering Stats 11i

  • Collection of Queries/Scripts

  • Tables Used by Purge Concurrent Request Concurrent Program

  • Collection of Workflow Administration Scripts and/or Concurrent Program

  • Kill Oracle Sessions

  • Log files in $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG directory (12)

  • I’ve been tagged - OraBlog Tag (0)

  • Oracle Wallets - SSL/HTTPS OWM (2)

  • Linux/Unix Basics (3)

  • Oracle Apps DBA Interview/Technical Question : 10g AS with Apps 11i/R12/12i (2)

  • Install Oracle 11g Jdeveloper/SOA/Webcenter part II (14)

  • Step by Step Install of Oracle 11g SOA/JDeveloper/Webcenter (0)

  • Oracle Apps DBA Training now available online (4)

  • 11g SOA / Jdeveloper / Webcenter - Technical Preview (0)

  • Server Chaining in OID (1)

  • Install OID/SSO 10.1.4 OAS Infrastructure (0)

  • Workflow Notification Mailer Setup in Oracle Apps R12/12i (10)

  • Oracle R12/12i log file (Patch, Clone, Startup/Shutdown) (4)

  • Oracle AS Infrastructure & Identity Federation Installation (10.1.4.X) (1)

  • Oracle E-Business Suite (R12) Apps DBA certification exam released (4)

  • Oracle Web Services Manager Architecture (OWSM) (14)

  • BPEL Process Manager, Console, Domain and Sensor (2)

  • Clone Apps 11i/R12/12i integrated with SSO (2)

  • Linux Common Queries (9)

  • Oracle SOA Suite Overview (2)

  • Practical Interview Question for Oracle Apps 11i DBA (12)

  • OracleAS Adapters (1)

  • Clustering SOA Suite for HA - BPEL, ESB, OWSM .. (14)

  • Step by Step Install OID & SSO in High Availability (4)

  • OID/SSO Cluster for High Availability with RAC DB (2)

  • Oracle BI Publisher Cluster / HA (0)

  • Integrate SSO with SOA Suite (3)

  • Integrate Oracle SSO with third party SSO Server (1)

  • Oracle Apps DBA Interview Question : Apps / SSO / OID integration (2)

  • Vertex Quantum (0)

  • Upgrade SOA / OAS to (8)

  • Install Oracle 11i ( on Linux (29)

  • BIEE Installation on Linux (Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) (35)

  • Upgrade Oracle Applications to (18)

  • 11i(Old) and R12(New) Mount Points (1)

  • Troubleshooting Oracle Portal SSO OHS Webcache OAS (2)

  • 1Z0-233 Dump: Install Patch and Maintain Applications : AD (53)

  • R12 Instance Home Overview (4)

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Overview (8)

  • Cloning : Difference in Oracle 11i and R12/12i (2)

  • Upgrade Oracle Applications to Release 12.0.2 (4)

  • Access Oracle Apps R12 / 11i from Linux Client (Mozilla Firefox) (30)

  • Upgrade Oracle Application Server 10.1.X to (6)

  • 1Z0-233 Dump or Interview Questions for Oracle Apps DBA (4)

  • Install Oracle Applications R12 (12i) on Unix/Linux (2)

  • SSL in Oracle Apps 11i / R12 (9)

  • Session Timeout for Oracle Single Sign-On Server (1)

  • Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions - Install (4)

  • Oracle Internet Directory - Basics II (1)

  • 25 Things Apps DBA should know for Apps 11i/R12 Integration with OID/SSO (10)

  • Preserving Customizations in Oracle Apps 11i or R12 (0)

  • Questions for Oracle Apps 11i & R12 Integration with 10g AS/SSO (2)

  • Oracle Apps DBA Training Institues in India (18)

  • Staging/Cloning 10g AS Prod to Test (0)

  • Cloning / Staging Oracle 10g Application Server (3)

  • Blogoversary : One Year Journey of becomeAppsDBA Blog (10)

  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager Overview (4)

  • Oracle RAC Part IV : Install Oracle Clusterware and Cluster Database (51)

  • Orcale RAC Part III - Clone RAC1 to RAC2 and User Equivalency (7)

  • Building Oracle RAC Part II , Install virtual disk and network card (19)

  • Step by Step build RAC : Part 1 : Install VMWare and Linux (7)

  • Are you scared of Oracle RAC Database ? (13)

  • OCS Mail Server Architecture (6)

  • Oracle Apps R12 Forms : Servlet or Socket (10)

  • Install Oracle SOA Suite : (6)

  • Upgrade Oracle Database to : SOA Suite Install Part II (4)

  • Oracle SOA Suite Installation Part I : Database Installation (5)

  • Start-up Shutdown Scripts in Oracle Apps R12 (8)

  • Synchronize Oracle Calendar directly from Mobile Part II (0)

  • Synchronize Oracle Calendar Directly from Mobile Handset (2)

  • URL Firewall in DMZ/Self Service Setup (url_fw.conf) (1)

  • Integration Steps - 10g AS with OAM (COREid) (0)

  • OAS - OAM (Access Manager / Oblix COREid) Integration Architecture (10)

  • 1Z0-312 Cloning and Staging Oracle Application Server (0)

  • Unified APPL_TOP : Changed Feature in Oracle Apps R12 (0)

  • 1Z0-312 Managing Customized Oracle Application Server Topologies (0)

  • 1Z0-312 OAS 10g Administrator OCP (3)

  • Oracle Apps DBA Network : Welcome on Board (1)

  • Integrate OID with AD Part I (5)

  • Installing Oracle Identity Manager (Thor Xellerate) (6)

  • Oracle Identity Manager (User Provisioning - Thor) (7)

  • Migrate to UK as Oracle Apps DBA (6)

  • Application Integration Architecture (1)

  • Release Update Pack for Oracle Applications R12 (0)

  • Access Manager: WebGate Request Flow (0)

  • Collaborate 07 Booth # 550 Las Vegas 16-18 April 07 (0)

  • Difference between Oracle Apps 11i and R12 (Technical) (43)

  • Migrating Fusion Middleware IM (OID/SSO) to new Host (2)

  • Oracle Apps DBA Certification 1Z0 - 235/236/233 (51)

  • Oracle 11i / E-Business Suite / Apps Certification for Apps DBA (4)

  • Multi Master OID Replication (1)

  • Oracle Internet Directory Replication (0)

  • Installing Oracle Access Manager (Oblix COREid / Netpoint) (0)

  • Oracle Identity & Access Management II (0)

  • Oblix COREid and Oracle Identity Management (10)

  • Oracle Calendar Server Overview (0)

  • Install Oracle Apps R12 on Linux VMWare (34)

  • Install Oracle Enterprise Linux on VMWare (38)

  • Installing VMware Linux for Oracle Apps R12 Preparation (31)

  • Auditing in Oracle Applications (3)

  • Oracle Collboration Suite (3)

  • Independent Oracle Applications DBA Consultant (18)

  • Prepare for Oracle Apps R12 Installation (63)

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Part II (7)

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Overview (1)

  • Is Oracle Fusion really ConFUSION ? (6)

  • Upgrade Oracle Applications to 11.5.10 CU 2 (17)

  • OID to OID/Active Directory/iPlanet other LDAP Server Integration (6)

  • Oracle Apps R12 Installation Guide (28)

  • Oracle R12 Upgrade from 11i & Database Versions (10)

  • Apps Read only Schema in Oracle Applications (3)

  • Change Oracle APPS Password : FNDCPASS (31)

  • Oracle Apps R12 File System Changes (17)

  • OID Architecture (3)

  • Configure SSO authentication Schemes in Apex (1)

  • Apex Apps configure SSO II (4)

  • Configure SSO for Apex Application (0)

  • Oracle Applications R 12 Release date announced (0)

  • Pasta Printing with Oracle applications 11i (8)

  • Oracle Apps Technical Requirement at Secunderabad for Satyam (2)

  • Oracle Apps Load Balancer Setup for HTTP Server (6)

  • Oracle Web Cache (11)

  • Oracle Certification OCA 1Z0-311 (6)

  • oraInventory in Oracle (9)

  • Oracle Certification for DBA (5)

  • Oracle Internet Directory , OID Troubleshooting (1)

  • Oracle Internet Directory OID (14)

  • Application Server Guard, Disaster Recovery for Oracle Application Server (27)

  • Oracle Dataguard in Apps 11i E-Business Suite as Disaster Recovery (0)

  • Configure Oracle Dataguard (24)

  • Oracle Dataguard for Business Continuity (22)

  • (5)

  • How to change hostname or domainname for Apps Instance Server (7)

  • Startup Shutdown Application Server - Bounce Services (13)

  • Active - Active" href="" rel=bookmark>Oracle AS Cluster ( Identity Management )-> Active - Active (12)

  • Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer (17)

  • Oracle Single Sign-On Server for Apps DBA (33)

  • IPv4 & IPv6 Oracle Application Server (0)

  • Install Apex (Application Express) Formerly HTMLDB (42)

  • Discoverer 10g & Oracle 11i Configuration Steps (28)

  • Overview on How to Configure Discoverer 10g with Oracle Apps (8)

  • Discoverer in Oracle Applications (32)

  • Oracle recruiting Apps DBA’s for On Demand Team - India (2)

  • Check Oracle Open World Presentation (0)

  • Winding Up SSL Implementation in Oracle Apps 11i (7)

  • Installing 10g Application Server / Fusion Middleware (11)

  • Fusion Middleware / 10g Application Server Overview (13)

  • Configure SSL or HTTPS for Oracle Apps 11i (2)

  • Overview of SSL in Oracle Applications 11i (0)

  • Troubleshooting Concurrent Managers (1)

  • Site & Forum dedicated to Oracle Apps DBA (4)

  • Troubleshoot Oracle Apps Web Server and Login Issues (15)

  • Stayam Computers is recruiting, Apps DBA Jobs (0)

  • Oracle Apps Web Server Apache, Login Troubleshooting (17)

  • Applying CPU patches on AS Middle Tier and E-Business Suite (6)

  • Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions (1)

  • Oracle CPU Patch July for application Server Contd… (2)

  • Apply Oracle July CPU patch (10)

  • My Site Content & Questions are Copyright protected (8)

  • Autoconfig in Apps template files Contd…. (16)

  • Unwrapping XML , Context File or Autoconfig configuration file (9)

  • Autoconfig Basics (26)

  • Forms, iAS and other component patching in Oracle Apps (6)

  • Printer Basics in Oracle Apps 11i (37)

  • Reducing Patch Timing Contd… (20)

  • Reduce Patch timing in apps , defaults file, nocompilejsp , nocompiledb , merge patch (9)

  • This site is copyright protected, please don’t cheat (13)

  • Implementing Shared APPL_TOP or Application Tier (3)

  • Tell others how to Become Apps DBA (4)

  • Shared APPL_TOP in Oracle Apps Basics (31)

  • Back with posting (2)

  • Hot Backup Scripts for database backup and apps backup (7)

  • Backup & Recovery in Oracle Apps Database (8)

  • Hardware Load balancing at HTTP Layer in Apps Contd.. (5)

  • Configure Hardware Load Balancer at HTTP Server Layer (8)

  • Configure Load Balancer in Oracle Apps 11i , E-Business Suite (16)

  • Oracle Critical Patch Updates and security Alerts (8)

  • Performance Tuning Overview in Oracle Apps 11i Contd.. (8)

  • Performance Tuning Apps 11i (4)

  • Installing 10g Application Server (0)

  • Change Idle Session timeout ICX Session Timeout session.timeout (14)

  • Upgrade Oracle Apps 11i with Database to 10g R2 (28)

  • Oracle Apps DBA 11i Interview Questions (0)

  • 10g Application Server Basics (3)

  • Oracle Apps 11i with Database 10g R2 (34)

  • Difference between Rapid clone & Autoconfig (4)

  • Oracle Apps 11i Cloning part II (51)

  • Oracle Apps DBA Preparation Cloning 11i (11)

  • Oracle Apps DBA preparation II (1)

  • Apps 11i DBA preparation (28)

  • Apps technical 11i DBA Interview questions (0)

  • Clone Apps 11i Instance (72)

  • Oracle Applications 11i Health Checks (0)

  • Patching Commonly asked questions (9)

  • Troubleshooting Apps Patch (0)

  • How to apply apps patch using adpatch (21)

  • ADPATH Options (5)

  • Oracle Apps PATCH Basics II (18)

  • Oracle Apps Patch Basics (51)

  • AD Utilities for Apps DBA (22)

  • Apps Architecture (37)

  • Install Oracle Apps (14)

  • Free Apps DBA Training (0)

  • What’s Different TOP’s in Application 11i (20)

  • Startup Shutdown Apps Services (50)

  • Oracle Applications Request Flow (36)

  • Installing Oracle Applications , Become Apps DBA II (71)

  • How 2 become Oracle Apps DBA (161)

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    posted by Atul Kumar @ 9:03 AM   3 Comments

    We have moved to kindly check http://onlineAppsDBA.comin future
    Welcome 2008 : New docs for Oracle Apps DBA's / Fusion Administrator
    Wednesday, January 02, 2008
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    With 48,000 (avg.) visits per month we finished year 2007 on become Apps DBA

    To provide better services to our readers, in Oct 2007 We moved to

    Features added to new site for Oracle Apps DBA's
    - Professional look and feel
    - Improved performance
    - Multi language support
    - Popularity index per post
    - Ability to track your comments
    - Posts with link to previous post in series
    - Post with link to other posts followed by other readers after reading current post
    - New topics like Fusion Middleware (SOA, OID, SSO, BPEL, ESB, BAM, BPM)
    - Finally wonderful post from guest Author Joyjeet Banerjee (Read posts from Joy by clicking this link) (If you wish to become Author on site drop mail to atul @ )

    In Oct. 2007 we moved from this blog to our own blog site and within three months we touched 1,00,000 views (big thanks to all my readers and to authors for adding site into blogroll)

    If you have not yet subscribed for email notification to our new site (One Stop Shop for Apps DBA's) , you can subscribe now by clicking this link

    Email Subscription to

    Few posts added recently on new site

  • Online Oracle Apps DBA Training via Web Conferencing Useful for Oracle DBA's to quickly learn Oracle Apps

  • Log file location - for Patching, cloning, startup/shutdown in R12

  • 11g SOA/Jdeveloper Installation

  • Server Chaining in OID

  • R12/12i certification for Apps DBA's

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    posted by Atul Kumar @ 1:29 PM   4 Comments

    We have moved to kindly check http://onlineAppsDBA.comin future
    BIEE, Cloning Difference in 11i & R12
    Sunday, November 04, 2007
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    Here is list of topics covered in our new Site

    You can subscribe to new site by clicking on this link

  • Click here for Upgrade SOA Suite to

  • Click here for Install 11i on Linux

  • Click here for Cloning Difference between 11i & R12

  • Click here for Orcale Business Intelligence Overview

  • Click here for R12 Instance Top new Feature Apps R12

  • Click here for Apps DBA Certification Question on AD

  • Click here for Troubleshooting Oracle Portal SSO Web Cache

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    posted by Atul Kumar @ 7:50 PM   1 Comments

    We have moved to kindly check http://onlineAppsDBA.comin future
    Update on our new Site
    Monday, October 15, 2007
    Register for R12 upgrade

    Well if you are wondering what we are doing on our new site, here is quick update on new post in last few days

  • Click here for Upgrade Oracle Applications from 12.0.0 to 12.0.2

  • Click here for Step by step configuration to access Oracle Applications 11i/R12/12i from Linux Client

  • Click here for Upgrade Oracle Application Server (Fusion Middleware Component) from 10.1.X to

  • and finally if you are preparing for Oracle Apps DBA Job/Interview Questions click here

  • If you have not yet subscribed to email notification to our new site click here

    Stay tuned on our new site at and keep sending us feedback by commenting on new site or mail it to me at atul_iiit @ yahoo dot com


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    We have moved to kindly check http://onlineAppsDBA.comin future
    We are Live on
    Wednesday, October 03, 2007
    Register for R12 upgrade
    Finally we are live on and as promised I have tried to provide some good features in site few of them are

    - Caching at File System for better performance
    - Related Post link at Start of each post
    - User who viewed this Post also viewed ....
    - Multiple Language (going to extend them to other languages in future)
    - Popularity Link on page basis
    - Share this link where you can share pages of your interest to delicious , digg, redit, mail ...
    - Contact Us link where you can send us feedback & scripts using simple form

    Few more features coming in phase 2 of this site.

    Those who wish to subscribe to my new site you can do so via Subscribe to Online Apps DBA by Email

    So welcome to and pass on this new link to your friends.

    If you are kind enough and added becomeAppsDBA in your blogroll , request you to kindly add new URL If you are apps dba & I missed your blog in my new blogroll (at New Site) kindly drop me a mail at atul @ onLineAppsDBA dot com

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    We have moved to kindly check http://onlineAppsDBA.comin future
    We are moving to "On Line Apps DBA"
    Saturday, September 29, 2007
    Register for R12 upgrade

    I think image and Heading of this post says it all.

    Yes we are moving to "On Line Apps DBA . Com" and currently in migration process putting all your posts, comments and categories from blogspot to On Line Apps DBA . COM and building some really nice look and feel and pages

    Why are we moving to ?

    Main reason for moving to is that

    -- BlogSpot is blocked in some countries and few offices in india

    -- Lot of my readers complain about slow performance at BecomeAppsDBA which is on free server from where as Apps DBA Online . com is on paid dedicated server and we are expecting better performance
    -- Our new site On Line Apps DBA is on wordpress with some really good features and easy to maintain for administrators so we thought its good idea to invest in dedicated servers
    On LineApps DBA will officially be launched next month (Adding some new pages and tools to make it more user friendly) but you can have a look at site at and send us your feedback and features you want to see on this site by writing to me at atul @


    We have moved to

    kindly check in future

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    We have moved to kindly check http://onlineAppsDBA.comin future
    Oracle Internet Directory - Basics II
    Thursday, September 20, 2007
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    Few years ago, When I started learning Oracle Internet Directory I jumped directly on administration of OID (including start/stop and debugging) without understanding basics of OID. My suggestion is to go through basics first which I am going to cover in this post.

    For my first post on OID visit OID from Apps DBA's eye

    Need of Oracle Internet Directory ?
    Use of Oracle Internet Directory (Oracle's LDAP) is much bigger and can't be explained in this post but here is few bits which you is enough for time being (to get you started on OID).
    --OID is repository for enterprise users, groups data.
    --Information about various applications (Portal, BI, E-Business Suite, Collaboration Suite) registered to OID (You can register E-Business Suite or Database in OID).
    --Password policy for Single Sign-On Partner Applications

    What are different Daemon/Server in OID ?
    There are three servers/daemon in OID

    ---OIDLDAPD - This is the main server/daemon waiting for ldap request (ldapsearch, ldapadd, ldapmodify, ldapdelete..). When any application want to do any ldap operation(add, modify, delete, search..) on OID object (user, group, application..), that request is fulfilled by this server/daemon.

    - also called as Oracle Directory Integration Server, this is used for integration of Various Application (Portal, BI, E-Business Suite/Apps) with OID for user/group data. If any user/group is added/deleted in Portal/BI synchronization of that user to OID is done by this Daemon (Vice Versa). If you have Integrated Apps(11i/R12) with OID/SSO then users is provisioned/de-provisioned using this daemon of OID.

    ---OIDREPLD - Also called as OID Replication Daemon is used if you have replicated OID. By default this daemon is disabled.
    For OID Replication Overview Click Here and to know more about Multi Master Replication click here

    How to Start/Stop OID ?
    OID Data including status of OID Servers (OIDLAPD, ODISRV OIDREPLD) is stored in Oracle Database so in order to start OID first start Database and Database Listener. Then
    To Start OID - opmnctl startproc ias-component=OID
    To Stop OID - opmnctl stopproc ias-component=OID

    OPMNCTL will first start OIDMON (OID Monitoring Process) and then instruct OIDCTL (OID Control) to start OIDLDAPD and ODISRV daemons.

    Where to find log files related to OID ?
    Logs related to OIDMON, OIDCTL, OIDLDAPD should be in $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/log directory , ODISRV related logs should be in $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/ODI/log

    More on OID common tasks (including frequently used scripts) and New Features on OID 10.1.4 coming soon ...


    We have moved to

    kindly check in future

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    posted by Atul Kumar @ 7:44 PM   4 Comments
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